Little things…

There's wonder in the ordinary
Depth to even the shallowest puddle
And a hidden path among the thickest grasses.

Little do we know
How many little things we pass by
Looking for that one BIG thing
With which we shall weigh our own worth against.

That epic love
That consuming flame
We all want obsession
A blinding light in the thickest darkness.

Little do we seem to see
The daisy on the side walk
Growing through the cracks
The kind eyes smiling
Asking, "Card or cash?"

Little do we appreciate
The quiet moments
The voice of the wind through the trees
The smell of the sun on skin

How full life would be
if every pebble that made the mountain
were seen in individual clarity
If every touch was a lover's caress
Or every sunset seen as unequaled art...


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