Melons and Romance

( Want to hear the song I'm listening to? )

There was this moment
When gazes met
over bins of apples oranges and melons
When your deep brown eyes
looked down at my lowly honey dew
and a smile touched your lips
"Those canary melons..."
My heart lurched
and pulse quickened
Suddenly the most interesting thing in the world
is the scuffed toes of my black boots
"Yup...Those canary melons..."

The abrasive beeping of the checkout
fumbling for that extra thirty cents
your calloused hand reaches over and deposits it
into the hands of a cashier as flustered as I am
I smile, face flaming red, and try to exit gracefully
until I see your reflection in the arcade windows, following behind me

I feel awkward
every step making me self conscious 
about how my yoga pants cling to me
Your cart collides with mine as I avoid a waylaid motorcart
"Excuse me"
I can't help but notice the way the jet-powered heating system ruffles your hair

As we journey separately but together through the icy wastes of the parking lot
I slip
and fall flat on all the parts my yoga pants are snug on
you reach down to help me up
your hands are warm and perfectly calloused
and for a moment I can imagine what they'd feel like
running down my back after a long day
standing I catch the scent of you
some musky cologne and the seductive hay and dank of horses
..."Thank you"

I push off in an attempt at an elegant sprint
only to find
your little black ford
parked next to my big red dodge
"Do you need a hand with those?"
I smack myself in the face with the door as I try and use it to hide
"No..No...But thank you!"

I watch you get into your little car
knowing that I'll never see you again
appreciating canary melons
on a much deeper level
than I ever had before.


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