Things I would say

We said nothing would change
But what I never told you 
was that I fell for you years ago
So things did change.

I'm reminding myself to be quiet
Telling myself to be strong
Because some of your love
is more than none of your love

You deserve the world
The sun
The moon
and their stars
So much more than the dirt I can offer

So I'll take a step back
Pour some silver nitrate on my heart
Build up the walls I let crumble
The moment your lips touched my neck

When you told me that you would always love me
I didnt realize you were saying
that we could never be together...
If I had I would have kissed you harder
Kissed you more
Touched you
Ran my fingers through your hair...

This girl
the one you actually want
I hope you can get it up for her
But virgins are clingy you say
Such a feeble excuse

dont lie
you dont need to hide the truth
that im too ugly
too rough
too uncouth

At least I own my faults


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