Ode to Words

What fickle slippery things
They bend and twist
changing subtley as neighbors are added.
One moment,your meaning is quite clear
And the next it’s slipped away
into the heavy air.

These words!
Not only are they eels upon the grass
But music in their own right.
affected by
By tone!
Some words just roll like hills designed by the mouth of some leadcrazy smith
Some words are sharp
Barbs and Whips.

Better yet, some words hide a secret self
unspoken until leaned upon
by some far too forward fellow
with visions of you two
desperate to share them with you.

Words can lay bare a soul
Cover deep wounds.
Words weave lies
They also weave truth.
But like knives
Clumsily handled they can cut
or as glass underfoot – crush.
But sometimes
Words break a smile
Through the tears
They birth laughter
They convey empathy.

Such words!
Which can bring sunshine to the darkness
And soothe or rile the soul.
Godly in their consistent, fluid ways.


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